sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

Mercedes Ruiz's visit

Last Monday, came to visit us Mercedes Ruiz (@londones), a great professional of education who gave us many surprises. We were waiting for her anxious and nervous and then, she appeared with a smile in her face that soon caused a lot of smiles in the classroom.
Mercedes has taught us many things and one of them is that there are other ways of teaching, not only text books.
First, she made a demonstration of this and she turned into "Doña Díriga" who told us a story with only a hat, some pieces of fabric, two gloves and her body. It was really magical how she caught our attention and made us feel like children. 

Then, she proposed us an activity; we had to find “the hidden knowledge”. At first we looked at each other because we didn’t know what exactly to do. We had to think and slogan and made a photo of it. We thought about “planting the seed of education” which means that children are little seeds and teachers have to take care of them and help them grow. 

Here is what we did and our slogan:

After that, we went back to a class and we made an exercise with Mercedes: one spokesperson of each group had to say their slogan, three good things and one bad thing about their work. It was really interesting and funny, and we all join it together. 

Finally, she told us about other ways of teaching such as the cinenma, showing a very interesting video.

Mercedes has taught us that "teachers are the best actors" and that teaching with a book is not the only way. 
We think that people like Mercedes help to motivate ourselves in our future job as teachers. Thank you "Doña Díriga" for your visit and your magic

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  1. Wauuuuuu!!!!!

    Una entrada que emociona la lector. Enhorabuena.

    Fue una experiencia UBUNTU.

    Compruebo que ese ubuntu ha comenzado ¡enlazados los blogs de los grupos de calse.
    Ahora...el libro que os comenté y que recomiendo

    Lady Díriga

  2. @londones you were our inspiration, you taught us that another way of teaching. Thanks to you and Linda for make it possible :) UBUNTU here we go!