martes, 20 de mayo de 2014


Hello, I´m Eva Garcia and this week I have been the facilitator so I´m going to explain the activity of this week.

This week we have to create an imaginary school, so we had to have much imagination. 
In the beginning, we have had many problems to agree and the star of this week didn´t help us much, because she was the authoritarian manager (because she had to behave that way) , but we have finally managed to agree and we have got a nice school. 

Our school named "La Paz" was a public school where there were children of all different nationalities. This is a school where students speak Spanish but gradually is becoming bilingual. We also create days of living with the whole school day such as peace day or pool day,  because it is very important the conviviality among students in our school so that all students can integrate. As for the center's facilities aren´t luxurious but there are sufficient facilities such as one digital whiteboard per class, one ipad per class and 10 computers per class more or less depending on the number of students. 

It's been fun to create our own school and decide all facilities, activities and type of students that would have and this week has been a novelty because the stars weren´t exposed the activity but the activity has been exposed by two people of their group.

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